Our Services

Digital Strategy

We start by working with you, to ensure we have a clear understanding of your business/brand initiatives, your consumers, market dynamics plus your competitors and importantly your growth targets & KPI’s

Not sure what your growth targets or KPI’s should be yet? That’s not a problem, we can help you define a realistic plan that is right for the future of your business.

From this, we create a landscape overview of your business, including a review of your current digital landscape, how your consumer is interacting across multiple channels and competitors.

Together we decide what the key priorities for the business to achieve, creating an implementation roadmap, timelines and targets with a level of investment that’s suitable for you.

Some of the key roadmap projects are:

  • Developing and supporting your brands, unique identity and values ensuring they translate in the digital space
  • Enhancing your consumers’ experience by creating a more dynamic and engaging experience
  • Analysis/Creation of your Digital Content strategy across each channel
  • Creating the right PR & Marketing strategy, dependent on the maturity of your business and also your current capability
  • Identifying and working with the most appropriate and best in class solution partners
  • Building capability and developing integration across your business

  Website Project Management

No matter the size of your business or what stage you are in, ART can help you to start from scratch on your website creation or review your current platform and help you create the consumer experience you want through either big or small changes.

Art provides a solution to make it easy for you and by providing help with:

  • Understanding what your business needs and identifying the crucial requirements for the website
  • Briefing the requirements and finding the best vendor for you to suit your investment level
  • Creating the best consumer journey that suits your brand
  • Solutions for either content driven websites or full eCommerce capability
  • Content plan from written content, digital assets to video
  • Google Analytics and SEO requirements
  • Ensuring connection between your social channels and your website
  • Full project management ability


It’s important to be everywhere at any time in today’s world for online purchasing. However, if you don’t have the right experience for your consumer then they can leave your site as quickly as they arrived

For your consumers to buy online, it requires an easy consumer journey, transparent delivery, returns and policies, trusted payment solutions and delivering when you say you will.

We can help your business by providing and eCommerce solutions across a number of areas

  • SEO Audit and targeted plan to enhance your results
  • Implementation of a Product Content solution that’s right for you from product naming, images and descriptions to enhanced educational content
  • Creating an engaging user experience whilst keeping it simple
  • Introducing the right payment portals to drive conversion
  • How to communicate with your consumers, building a CRM plan
  • Finding the right technology partners to achieve your goals

Brand Development

Whether you are a Start-Up business with a sparkling new brand you want to launch or an established business looking to change your strategy with your current offering, ART can help by consolidating the overall positioning and unique selling points of your brand and create a roadmap to accelerate, launch and amplify your brand.

We develop plans to help your brand launch or re-launch covering off the key areas such as:

  • Develop the Brand Identity and messaging to amplify your key unique selling points
  • Identify the key channels and markets you need
  • Creating commercial plans or developing licensing partners/agreements
  • Reviewing your competitor landscape
  • Finding the right partners to work with across all areas from Website Platforms to Marketing/Social Partners
  • Go to Market, Prelaunch and Launch plans across retail & digital spaces

We also offer a full project management plan where we can implement all of the above, taking the pain and workload away from you.

Consumer Audience

Identify where your key consumer base sits, outlining the best and most effective lines of communication.

Market Growth

Do you have aspirations for your brand to grow and develop by launching into new channels and markets either domestically or globally? ART can help you achieve this.

With many years experience launching brands globally we can help you identify and launch your product to ensure you can hit the right consumer audience for you and expand your business.